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Credit and Debit Cards Can Be Dangerous When Transactions in This Place

It is undeniable that so many people are entangled in credit card debt because they cannot use it wisely.

Yes, how do you not have a debt pile if you intermittently swipe to buy things that are not useful. In fact, it is often used to pay for meals in restaurants that can actually use cash.

In the end, I was shocked to see a bill that exploded and even the amount is greater than your income. Therefore, not a few people think that credit cards are vicious cards that can plunge them into a pitiful debt hole.

In fact, if used properly, it can actually switch functions into magic cards that are very profitable, you know.

Well, by the way it turns out there are some cases where people actually have to pay bills when not used. Why, how come?

Yes, because they have been skimming, which now lurks a lot in the era of increasingly sophisticated technology. What is skimming ?

Skimming is a crime mode by placing a data recording device on an ATM or EDC machine that can copy all your card data, both credit cards and debit cards to withdraw funds in an account.

So, the perpetrator can duplicate the data contained on the magnetic tape which then transfers all information to an empty ATM card. That way, the perpetrator can freely drain your account balance.

The practice of crime continues to flourish now. Therefore, you need to be vigilant so that you do not become a victim. One way is to avoid making transactions using credit or debit cards in some places that are prone to skimming .

Anything? Here are four of them:

1. Where to eat

1. Where to eat

Along with increasingly sophisticated developments, new trends have also emerged in the midst of millennial. One of them is cashless alias does not have cash. So every time you make a transaction using a card, both credit and debit.

The rise of the cashless trend that is now being carried out millennially makes the perpetrators of crime use that moment to drain your money through the practice of skimming . One of them is at a place to eat.

Therefore, when you want to make a transaction using a credit or debit card at a place to eat, restaurants or bars, you should pay attention to the surrounding conditions. Is there surveillance from CCTV or not. If minimal supervision, you should not be reckless to swipe your card if you do not want to get skimming .

2. Places with self-service alias self-service

2. Places with self-service alias self-service

Although not many exist in Indonesia, but several places now have implemented a self-service system alias self-service .

Unfortunately, a place with self-service actually becomes easy target for criminals to do skimming . Aside from the lack of supervision from the officers, transaction machine maintenance is also often overlooked.

Therefore, it is highly recommended that you examine carefully the feasibility of the payment machine so that you do not become a victim of skimming practices that are very detrimental to you.

3. Shopping online

3. Shopping online

Only by using the internet and a smartphone or laptop, now you can surf online by buying anything. However, be careful because online shopping is risky for skimming .

Cellphones or laptops that are connected to the internet can make it easier for perpetrators to hack or retrieve your personal data that is on the card. The use of public wifi can also be a target for hacking. Especially if you use the internet or mobile banking .

That’s why, before making an online shopping transaction , make sure the site you are visiting is safe and uses a private internet network.

4. Gas station

Gas stations or gas stations are one of the places most often targeted by skimming criminals . Usually, the perpetrators will install a special card reader on the EDC that can freely steal the card owner’s data.

To avoid these problems, you should avoid making transactions using credit or debit cards when filling up gasoline. Prepare cash for each transaction at the gas station.

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